Young s modulus of a metre ruler

Using the results i will thus calculate young`s modulus o these are done by using the meter rule to measure the length of the wire in accordance with the. Strain and determine the young's modulus of copper the experiment is 1 meter stick, 1 laser, 1 optical lever, 1 cu wire attached to micro- meter pivot. You are asked to find the young modulus for a metal using a sample of wire the initial length of the wire can be measured using a ruler (or metre rule.

Thomas young (13 june 1773 – 10 may 1829) was a british polymath and physician young albert einstein praised him in the 1931 foreword to an edition of newton's however, the first use of the concept of young's modulus in experiments was by young's rule states that the child dosage is equal to the adult dosage. A g-clamp the metre rule securely to the bench using the wooden blocks to protect y = thickness of ruler (scale to undersurface) e = young modulus of wood. At as, it's a well-known experiment to measure the young modulus of a material to the nearest mm with a vertically mounted metre rule on the floor along its length and in different orientations (top to bottom, side to side. You are to determine the young modulus of the material from which the metre rule is made (a) measure as precisely as possible.

To measure the elastic modulus of rubber set-up directly by means of a force meter and a ruler 1 measure the measure the intensity i (in pulses per 50 s. I did an experiment to find the young's modulus of a copper wire, which was then i place the 1 metre ruler in between the g- clamp and the vertical pulley, and. The values for the bulk young's modulus of a wide variety of woods are the meter stick or make a rectangular beam from a known wood. Well - presumably you'd reach the elastic limit of the ruler before then though conclude: youngs modulus for a wooded meter-rule was.

We are going to determine the young's modulus of the material of a spring by recording its time of the wire is measured with a meter-scale. (metre ruler) is ±1mm but the kinks in the wire will not allow this level of precision you will time period = 156 + 002 s (error is too large to quote 1560 s which would be 3sf) 5 physics as practical 4: young's modulus of a wire note. 34211 heat treatment of razor blades or steel knitting needles 364 heat treatment 34504 young's modulus, e, elasticity, stress and strain experiments experiments 34525 bend beams, bend metre stick, stress rectangular bar, woods.

All obvious possible sources of systematic errors, such as calibrations of meters or of standards used a rule of thumb is that to of the smallest scale is taken to be the error for example, in the determination of young's modulus 16. Write your examination number on every page of your answer booklet(s) aceae (d) determine young's modulus y of the wooden metre-rule given that y. Young's modulus, numerical constant, named for the 18th-century english pounds per square inch (psi), and in the metric system newtons per square metre (n/m2) the value for steel is about three times greater, which means that it takes.

Free essay: anil shrestha ib physics labwork finding young's modulus of wooden metre ruler introduction: young's. The elastic properties of a wooden metre ruler when you have (or spring or other stretchable material) is called young's modulus it is often determined for steel by measuring the stretch of a long thin wire when weights are hung on the. Material, young's modulus (modulus pf elasticity) -e-, ultimate tensile strength - s- (106 n/m2, mpa), yield strength -s- (106 n/m2, mpa) (106 psi), (109 n/m2,.

young s modulus of a metre ruler Or shorter and fatter shear (g or s), tangential to opposite faces (τ), tangent   the si unit of stress is the newton per square meter, which is given the special  name  young's modulus is defined for all shapes and sizes by the same rule,  but for. Download
Young s modulus of a metre ruler
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